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Visit our partners throughout the state of Florida, for Florida Solar Energy. Our Florida Solar Energy experts will help you with your Solar Energy purchase, installation, maintenance, and repairs. Also see our friends in Alabama below too!

Affordable Energy Center

Your Florida Solar Energy Experts! Affordable Energy Center and their affiliates have certifications to install high efficiency central air conditioning systems  with solar energy. We install high quality solar energy systems that carry a 10 year warranty on most parts and the compressor. The majority of Florida Solar Energy systems have a life span of 50 years with a 10-25 year warranty on collectors and power inverters! Finance options are available! Please allow our office to assist you in configuring the best options to fit your needs. Most HVAC & solar packages will have a 10 year break even point!

Why? Affordable Energy Centers Affiliates stands above the rest!

Florida Dual State Certified Contracting allows our Affiliates  to have access to the proper tools in lowering your electrical bill!  As we know in the State of Florida the majority of your electric bill is the cost cooling your home!  Our affiliates will install the top of the line air conditioning and heating systems! HVAC Technology today will use inverter drive compressors & variable speed air handlers!  With the highest seer and EER ratings ever! Along with a Solar Energy system tailored to your needs allows us to lower your electric bill properly!

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