are solar panels worth it

“You have known that going solar can save thousands of Dollars,” every solar company has a variation of the same pitch. It sounds too simple, but it depends on a variety of key factors whether solar is a good long-term investment. We recommend using the easy guide to break through the jargon of advertising and decide if solar panels are really worth the money before buying into the hype.

When you begin to explore your solar choices, you can ask questions to see if solar is important, including:

The main factor that determines how much you save by installing solar power is your current electricity bill. Per kilowatt hour ( kWh) of electricity you consume your utilities pay and the cost varies greatly based on where you live. You will pay up to 8 cents per kWh in certain parts of the world and up to 20 cents.

If you go to wind, you potentially have a mini-power plant on your roof to replace your energy grid. That ensures the homeowners with high electricity levels are the ones who benefit more from converting to solar power at home.

Depending upon your choice of solar company and your installing equipment, installation prices will change considerably. Although the cheapest way to save money is to make inexpensive solar panels, you can also save up to 20 years if you invest in high-quality equipment. It is worth time to check all your facilities and find the right mix of price and quality for your home.

Don’t forget to investigate wherever you live the solar incentives and discounts: they can reduce your net cost by 50 percent or more. The federal government offers solar tax credit of 26 percent, and other states and municipalities give their citizens additional financial benefits. Some services even offer their customers cash discounts to encourage them to sunbathe.