Freedom Solar Customer Reviews & Testimonies


They gave us a very affordable quote, came out and fixed our HVAC fast, and the price was exactly as they qouted. Very professional and courteous. Highly recommended.EricW

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nitially I had a problem and was a very unhappy with the price of work and service. But affordable corrected and fixed the problem so what initially a bad review…

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Water heather broke and ac unit on the same week they were able to replace both the same day i requested and agreed with their quote now i have a…

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They were on time to install my solar panels and inverter only thing is that the install process took some time due to getting installed over the weekend other than…

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Wanted to go solar and did some research from different companies here in Florida and they came to my home and explain how i was able to sell back energy…

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Always been curious about Solar Energy over the past year i did some research regarding the pros and cons about powering my entire home with solar panels. I also have…

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