how long do solar panels last

Twenty five (or more) years. That is the Tier 1 manufacturer’s industry standard assurance. Solar panels actually can last a bit longer: the guarantee generally guarantees that after 25 years panels are over 80 per cent efficient. A NREL study shows that after 25 years, but a slightly lower power output still produces energy for the majority of panels.

Solar energy investments are a long-term undertaking. Early expense may be high, but over time the expenditure covers itself through fiscal benefits and monthly energy savings.

One of the first questions we receive is how long solar panels last for people who try to calculate the amount of their investment over time

Usually, panels can last for 25 years, and at least that time should be predicted. However, tests have shown that panels tend to work at a reduced productivity even after the conclusion of the pledge.

Let’s do a little mathematics: every year, solar panels experience an average loss of 0.5 to 1%. On completion of a 25 years warranty, 75-87.5 percent of your valued production will still be generated by your panels.