is solar energy renewable

Solar energy is an rising segment of our electricity generation mix and will play an significant part in future development of energy. Power generation with solar panels has two major advantages over fossil fuels: renewable and economical.

Any source of electricity that naturally fills human timescales is a renewable energy source. Non-renewable sources of carbon, such as coal and oil, are not known as sustainable, because they expend hundreds of thousands of years rendering them difficult to replenish today. Solar energy is a renewable resource, that means that it is not exhausted or inadequate. To catch this, we simply need to install ample solar panels.

Solar energy reaches us through the rays of the sun, while fossil fuels come on earth from the ancient carbohydrates. Thus, solar energy will be around as long as the sun is bright. (NASA scientists estimate that the Sun is about halfway through history, which means that solar power is being used for another 4,5 billion years.) Solar power is a incredibly versatile fuel that is still usable.