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Credits Pulls are Soft Credit Pulls Until Loans are Issued!

10 Year Loan

2.99% – 3.99%

15 Year Loan

2.99% – 3.99%

20 Year Loan

2.99% – 3.99%

25 Year Loan

2.99% – 3.99%

How Easy is it you ask?

STEP 1: Customer Application

You can apply with any of our devices anywhere, anytime-with our custom integration directly via our platform.

STEP 2: Customer Approval

The quick approval process of a simple underwriting is within 10 seconds or less.


STEP 3: Transfer of Funds

Payment is going to the job directly. Fund transfers are quick, the same or next day funding. When approvals are done, installations happen!

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HVAC & Roofing loans

  • Underwriting is similar to solar. We pull all 3 bureaus and use the highest score.
  • Coborrowers are allowed and don’t have to be on the title.
  • Mobile homes and investment properties are eligible. Max loan amounts for these are $20K.
  • Max loan term on Home Improvement is 15 year. Roofing max loan term is 20 year.
  • FICO Bands Max Loan Amount:
    • 660-699 max loan amount $20K
    • 700-719 max loan amount $35K
  • FICO Bands DTI for loan amounts under $20K
    • 660-699 DTI 45%
    • 700-719 DTI None
    • 720+ DTI None
  • FICO Bands DTI for loan amounts over $20K
    • 660-699 won’t qualify for anything over $20K
    • 700-719 DTI 65%
    • 720+ DTI 75%