what is solar energy

Sun power is sun energy converted into thermal or electricity. The cleanest and most abundant source of renewable energy available is solar power and the United States has some of the world’s richest solar resources. Solar technology can utilize this energy for a range of applications, including electricity generation and the provision of an environment for lighting or comfortable interior applications.

Solar power is solar energy that is converted into thermal or electric energy. Solar power is the most clean and plentiful available source of renewable energy, and the US has some of the world’s most richest solar resources. The use of solar technologies can be made for a range of applications, including power generation, light or comfortable interior conditions, as well as domestic, commercial or industrial heating of water.

Solar energy is an incredibly scalable energy technology: it can be installed as a distributed generator (located at or close to the point of operation) or as a central station with a solar energy plant on a utility scale (similar to traditional plants). The energy they generate can also be collected after the sun sets using cutting-edge solar + storage technology for delivery. Solar existed in the U.S., working together with other technologies like wind energy, in the process of transforming the U.S. into a clean energy economy.

All these projects rely on promoting state, government and federal policy systems to ensure equal access by customers and businesses to renewable power technologies such as solar.

There are over 77.7 gigawatts solar generated by more than 14.5 million households in the United States .. Solar is installed. The U.S. solar industry has risen by an average of 48% per year over the last decade. More than 2.3 million solar arrays operate in the United States, from small home roof projects to large-scale distribution facilities providing hundreds of megawatts of renewable energy to the grid.